5 ways how to effectively use QR codes in the baking industry

Bakery owners constantly face difficult challenges in their operations. One is that they must maintain a strong base of loyal customers.

They must also constantly promote their baked goods to ensure they can sell them while they’re still fresh. Pastries have a limited shelf life, so the sooner they’re sold, the better.

What can you do to boost your sales and keep your customers coming? You can try QR codes, one of the leading digital solutions today.

Recently, QR codes have become a fast and efficient way to send information and make touchless digital payments.

You can use a QR code generator online tool to help you create and launch QR code campaigns for your fresh-from-the-oven delights.

Why not use this current trend to your advantage? Here are some ways you can use QR codes:

1. Digitized menu

A customer could Google your bakery and check out what you have on your website, but scanning a QR code that takes them straight to your online menu would be much easier.

There are different ways to show off your menu QR code. You can place them on your table tents, posters, and social media posts.

2. Product packaging

Instead of barcodes on the packaging of your baked goods, you can opt for a delivery QR code to enhance customer experience.

While smartphones can read both barcodes and QR codes, it’s easier to use the latter since they can redirect to more types of digital information.

You can use text QR codes to deliver accurate information to your customers. You can embed cookie ingredients, manufacturing date, and the best-before date.

3. For instant payment

Based on Juniper Research, 30% of mobile users will pay using QR codes in 2025.

This is because QR code payments meet the need for cashless payments. Users can pay for your baked goodies with just one scan through their mobile banking or wallet apps.

And when you embed your payment link into a URL QR code, you can already use it as a gateway to a contactless transaction.

4. Redirect your customers to an online pastries gallery

You can take photos of your baked goodies to entice people and encourage them to buy and take a bite.

Customers can check out what you have to offer by scanning a QR code that takes them to a gallery of the pastries you’ve made.

Make sure to include popular themes that mark a turning point in someone’s life, such as weddings and birthdays. You can also have favorite holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

Customers who see your products’ beauty are much more likely to place their own orders.

5. QR code suggestion box

Sometimes, you can find the most excellent ideas from the places you least expect.

You need to be open to suggestions, but it can be hard to determine which ideas you should adopt for your business. This is even harder for written comments.

When you put up a QR code suggestion box for your employees or your customers, you can get a wide range of creative ideas to think about.

It’s also easier for you to weed out irrelevant or unnecessary comments.

Boost your bakery’s sales by using QR codes

QR codes have several benefits to offer. No wonder they’re widely used across several industries today.

With this technology, you can save time and money and digitize your bakery’s menu. It lets you deliver accurate information to your customers and simplify the payment process.

When you use QR codes, it can surely help your bakery business grow.

Use the most advanced, ISO-certified, best QR Code generator QRTIGER and boost your bakery’s sales today.

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