Betting Algorithm Excel Spreadsheet

The Betting Algorithm Excel spreadsheet is a tool to make your betting decisions easier and more profitable. This tool contains an array of columns and tables that can be sorted and filtered by a number of factors. You can also view metrics over time to see how they have changed. The “Bet Log” tab holds the Bet Log information. The “Ref” tab contains lookup information for the dropdowns. The CLV (Closing Line Value) is the value of the odds.

You can create a spreadsheet that shows the performance of particular leagues and bet types. For example, if you bet on the NFL, you can use the spreadsheet to examine performance in those leagues. Looking at the data for individual bet types can shed more light on the process. You can also add a field called “Tag” to indicate specific types of bets. This way, you can compare the performance of your algorithm with other betting strategies.

The Spreadsheet is compatible with decimal and fractional odds and 60 betting agencies. The Bets sheet includes fewer rows than the standard version, but you can easily add more by following the instructions in the Intro worksheet. The Settings sheet has an option for rounding up the data for currencies with more than two decimal places. The Intro sheet also contains additional instructions and examples. This betting algorithm excel spreadsheet is free for personal use.

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