Football Betting 101 – Where to Start?

Before you start placing your bets, you need to know some of the basics. These include the Point spread, the Moneyline, and the Rotation number. You should also know about the matchup and team injury reports. These are just a few basics that will help you make the most informed decisions about football betting.

Point spread

In football betting, the point spread is used to determine the winner by a specified amount. The point spread, also known as a “handicapper”, is the margin of victory that the favorite team must win. It is displayed right next to each team’s name.

Most sportsbooks have a list of the current point spread for each matchup on their websites. This number will typically be based on the average score of each team and their conference position. A sportsbook will determine how much money each team should be able to win.


Football betting is all about the moneyline. It’s a simple concept: bettors who take the moneyline on a team will get a better chance of winning than the team’s implied probability. In most sports, the favorite isn’t expected to win, but is often the underdog, so the moneyline odds reflect the odds of the team winning minus the implied probability.

Before betting on the moneyline, you should be familiar with the teams and their histories. You’ll also need to know the moneyline odds on recent games. Even the odds will change once the market reacts to the matchup. This information will help you make better decisions and place more educated bets.


Props can be a great way to wager on sports. These bets don’t have a direct connection to the outcome of a game, but they can help you win more money long-term. Props include player and game totals as well as team totals. Some popular NFL props include the first touchdown scored, first team to score 20 points, and longest field goal made.

Prop bets are based on the ability to count something, and they work best in sports with a variety of counting stats. Because of how many plays can give credit for different stats, football is the sport with most props. For example, a simple halfback dive can give a player credit for a carry, a yard gained, and a tackle. Baseball has far fewer props. Baseball props that are most in demand include pitcher strikeout numbers and markets where individual hitters can home-run.

Rotation number

The rotation number is used to differentiate teams within a league. The number is displayed to the left of a team’s name. The number can also be used to identify a team. The rotation number in football betting is an indicator that will help you place your bet.

The rotation number is an important organizational tool for sportsbooks. This number allows you to place a wager without having to worry about any confusion. Rotation numbers are usually three-digit numbers that appear next to your team name.

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