How to Submit a Manuscript to a Sports Journal

Sports journal is a monthly magazine that focuses on sports and entertainment. It is published by Sports Journal ufa24time Entertainment in Providence, Rhode Island. It started publishing in 2002 and was first published in newspaper format. However, it ceased publication in 2007. This article discusses how to submit a manuscript and what the review process entails.

Guide for authors

If you’re considering submitting a research paper to a sports journal, make sure you follow the guidelines below. Sports journals don’t impose any length limits on manuscripts, but they do require authors to report all experimental details, publish all control groups, and make full datasets available.

High-resolution images are required for Sports articles, and the journal accepts most common image sbobetauto formats (TIFF and EPS). Including multimedia files is also acceptable. Images should be properly cited and inserted into the main text. Tables and Figures should be accompanied by a short caption.


Peer-reviewed sports journals publish the latest research on a variety of sports. They are indexed in major databases, such as PubMed and Scopus. Submissions can range from the work of elite athletes to research on traditional cultural physical activities. The publication also welcomes articles that promote health.

Peer-reviewed news hunt sports journals have high standards for quality. Articles are published in an effort to increase the level of scientific knowledge. They are published online, and are free to view. They publish research articles, reviews, essays, and book reviews from leading experts in their field. Moreover, they publish reports on major conferences, as well as articles that appeal to a wide range of readers.

Open access

Open access sports journal is an online journal where the author does not have to pay a fee to publish an article. The setteebet articles are permanently free to read, download, copy, and distribute. Open access publishing is based on an exclusive licensing agreement, where the author transfers copyright to the publisher (Shanghai University of Sport) and retains certain scholarly usage rights.

BMC Sports Science, Medicine, and Rehabilitation is one such journal. It has a fast publication schedule and adheres to strict peer review standards. All submitted articles are peer reviewed and have a final citation after acceptance. The articles are published online as formatted PDFs and fully browsable web pages.

Manuscript evaluation

Several factors should be considered when evaluating a manuscript for a sports journal. Ideally, the manuscript will make a contribution to the field, or will advance current knowledge about a pay69slot particular sport or exercise. If the manuscript does not make a contribution to either of these areas, it may be rejected. The editors of these journals should be consulted to determine whether or not the manuscript meets the journal’s standards.

In addition to reviewing the manuscript itself, the editors of a sports journal may also consult an outside expert in the field to help determine whether or not it is appropriate. The journal editors may accept the manuscript, reject it, or invite the author to resubmit the manuscript.

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